During the recording sessions for Hello, I Must Be Going, @_PhilCollins_ put the Paperlate-like song The Man With The Horn to tape. It ended up as a B-side in 1985.

It has now been re-released as a single, as part of the upcoming Other Sides compilation.

. @countlesnumbers are a 4-piece rock band out of Toronto, Canada. Twice As Hard, sung by Cary Parker in a voice reminiscent of @johnhiattmusic or @buffalotomband’s @billjanovitz, is their new single.

This week, it's the @carteblanchemus Wildcard! Check:

. @olympiamusic is the musical project of Australian singer-songwriter Olivia Jayne Bartley. She makes light-hearted, catchy guitar pop with a rocky edge.

New single Hounds is a great song with a driving four to the floor beat and thumping bassline.

German five-piece #SomeSprouts, who steer a middle course between melancholy slacker rock and catchy indie pop, are on a roll.

After releasing their second EP Immt last October, they just put out their brand-new single Someone You Love.

. @lauranhibberd has a way of mixing humorous, tongue-in-cheek, self-assured lyrics with accessible guitar riffs.

Hoochie is an energetic guitar track that focuses on a toxic relationship and how important it is to get rid of that negativity in her life.

In this week's edition of Werner's Weekly, your compass to the music that matters: @theheavy (@carteblanchemus Wildcard), @aldovanucci feat. @kylieauldist, @GoGoBerlin, @JuanLuisGuerra, @nardamusic, @phantom_isle, and @thisiszuzu.

Read more and listen:

@mamysdesign @wernerschlosser We hebben haar ‘best of’ show gezien in Gelredome, zo’n 15 jaar geleden, dat was top. Ben blij dat het daarbij gebleven is.. heb ik nog iets om te koesteren.... iets 😅

@wernerschlosser @Estherschulting Ik weet nog dat ze in de Kuip optrad en wij bij opa en oma op het balkon stonden te luisteren. Dat was slecht. Maar dit was vele malen erger 🤪

@wernerschlosser Ik vind het erg om te zeggen, maar zeker gezien haar lange carrière, ben ik het met je eens.. geen ‘oefening baart kunst’ voor Madonna. Mijn hart huilt een beetje.. 😮

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